Studio Intent

The purpose of this blog is to track the progress and evolution of projects in the Design Studio, ARCH 406 at Texas A&M University throughout the Spring 2011 semester.

This semester the main goal of the studio is to promote the emergence of an architecture that best serves local communities living North of the Rio Grande River. Several assignments will run concurrently over the semester. Part 1, students will form research groups to study specific historic precedents and more contemporary case studies referred to here as MACRO-PreXedents. Each student will also investigate, develop and design primary economic and social instruments of production, MICRO-produX, involving local communication networks, small-scale manufacture and the production of public space. Finally, Part 2 will consist of practical projects dealing directly with the Living ConteX, developed with a specific community in Starr county. Precedents, products, and further research documents will progressively fold into the semester long studio design project, the Living ProjeX”

 MICRO Produx -Wax Casting

MICRO Produx [Wax Casting Phase I
Aeroponic Proposal
Aeroponic System Proposal
Radio Station/Wax Factory/Hydroponic Facility Research

The Green Living Wall


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